SKENG & His ” NOT FOR SALE” Pendant

There is an abundance of jewellery in the UK music industry right now from rappers and grime artists, so it was only right we caught up with “Skeng” about his jewellery game, and to find out the reason so many have urged us to do an article on his “NOT FOR SALE” pendant. Here’s what he had to say.


1. What does jewellery represent for you.?

Everyone gets there hood, nickname or wateva on there jewels, , My pendant represents ME & My fourth coming project #NOT4SALE

2. What is your favourite item of jewellery you own & why.?

I would say my pendant! lol yh i grinded hard for that 💯 and i was adamant that i was gonna get PROPER VS1 DIAMONDS so it does cost ALOT!!! BUT i’d probably say my ring still.


3. When did you first find a love for jewellery.?

I’ve always liked jewels i’ve had jewels from a youte. Since i was 15-16 I used to go gold for gold with lil robbery money, had a rolex when i was 18 and NO ONE had 1 them times LOL. Loved Jewellery from young

4. Are you content with what you have or will you always want more.?

Who is really content with what they have??? WE ALL WANT MORE!

5. Which of your pieces represent you most and why.?

My pendant – Put alot of time and dedication into the project! Its my brand and what i’m pushing, #NOT4SALE coming soon lol


6. Who do you feel has the best pendant in the game right now, both UK and US.?

I don’t really know! A pendant can decive you, In order to know whats what i gotta see it in person tbh. They all look nice lol

7. Break down your favourite item of jewellery you own, what gold, how many carats of diamonds etc.?

My pendant and chain are both 18k yellow gold, Un-detachable. The diamonds in the pendant are 12 Carats VS1’s, total weight is 200 grams


8. In the uk music industry there has been a rise in jewellery, why do you think that is?

Has there?? theres alot of fraud f**k shit going on in the industry theres couple people that do it right i say if you cant afford it dont fake it stay in your lane

9. What inspired you to be so fly and flamboyant with your style, clothes and jewels.?

LOOOOOOOOOL thats a funny question am i fly yh? lol na no1 really inspired me i just try stay in my lane still

10. Do you have any regrets, Any items you bought that you don’t really like?

Not really I LIKE THEM ALL i designed all my jewels.

Diamonds By Zeus would like to conclude this interview by saying we wish you all the best with the NOT FOR SALE project, and hope that you continue to inspire others to purchase higher quality jewellery such as yours, with great carat weight, individual diamond size and quality craftsmanship. We see a lot of rappers with pendants and rings, and they all shine, but most have diamond clusters, or pointers, so when you see a pendant like this with a much bigger set of diamonds, you can really appreciate the work gone into it.



Top 10 UK rappers chains 2016

When it comes to jewellery, 2016 has seen a rise in the chains and pendants of UK rappers, and not just the mainstream artists, the independent ones also, and we must say… they are doing a better job!!!!


NINES’s Arsenal pendant.

it may be a logo we have come a custom to over many years, but that doesn’t take away from the beauty of it, Nines has fully flooded his arsenal white gold pendant with sapphires and rubies, as well as vs quality diamonds.


we all know Nines loves to wear a lot of jewellery, and this pendant above is just one of many that he owns.



ARD ADZ & SHALLOW’s Windy Music Pendants.

The brixton twosome have been blessing the game with their music for a few years now, and it seems to have paid off for them, because they have now stamped their music label into the industry by having their label logo made into what seems to be  white gold and yellow gold pendants encrusted with both natural & black diamonds.


They seem to be a very decent size to.



6.7 & the 6.7 pendants

London rap group 6.7 have been lighting up the music scene lately with their music, and now it seems they have done the same with their jewellery.

A modest simple logo, set in yellow gold and flooded with diamonds, something we like to call elegantly flash.

(seattle gold)


They have many of them, one for each member of the crew.



YOUNG TRIBEZ “Free H” pendant

Young Tribez of the team £R is no stranger to the jewellery game. You can always see him dripping in jewellery throughout his videos, and this pendant is one that you will most likely see often.

The FREE H pendant is a yellow gold and vs diamond pendant paying homage to his compadre “H” currently incarcerated.

Thats an expensive friendship!!!

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 22.34.44.png

No doubt Young Tribez will make the 2017 list



RATLIN “Ratlin pendant”

Ratlin has been rattling around the game for a while now, solidifying himself into the UK rap industry, and if you follow him on social media, you will see the many fruits of his labour. Everything from rings, to rolex watched, diamond grills and his signature “Ratlin” pendant.

This is a fully flooded yellow gold huge pendant in comparison to many others, and has a custom star loop which just makes it that much more interesting.


We look forward to what may come next.



KREPT & KONAN “Play Dirty pendant”

After major success in the music industry, Krept & Konan had matching Play Dirty pendants made.These pendants are subtle yet eye catching, the diamonds compliment the yellow gold, and the play dirty polished face compliments the matte gold finish behind it.


Between the two of them, they have a lot more jewellery, but we will save those for a next time.



J SPADES “Get Rich Together” pendant

Now we are getting down to the real game changers when it comes to pendants.

This solid gold pendant is not only lovely to look at, but the attention to detail is amazing, not to mention that the diamonds surrounding the pendant are from what we can see, at least half a carat each if not just under a carat. a regular 1 carat diamond can range from 1k you do the math on that. Oh and don’t forget it is also flooded in the centre and along the outside edge.


Definitely a legendary pendant



GIGGS “SN1 pendant”

Giggs has had many variations of the SN1 pendant, but this is the latest and greatest.

Set in yellow gold are hundreds of half a carat diamonds, give or take, so you know very well that giggs knows what he’s doing when it comes to stones, none of these are diamond chips or pointers here, this is the real deal.


It seems like the Landlord has been collecting his rent!



J AVALANCHE’s “ST Snow team” pendant.

We all know J Avalanche to be the super fly guy of the industry, plush clothes, and the jewellery to match, and he is no newcomer to the pendant game,The ST pendant is one of many, but a stand out piece.

Flooded with diamonds, top to bottom, inside and out, Snow team is definitely in full effect.


Recently he has gotten himself a kilo and a half cuban link chain, what will he do next!!!



We have given potter paper the number 1 spot, not because of the design of his labels pendant, but for the sheer work put into it, you can tell that it is an extremely heavy piece, rumour has it that its solid 18ct gold. Not only that, but it is filled with vs diamonds, and also black diamonds.

They spared no money making this beauty, would have definitely cost an arm and a leg.


Thats it for 2016, now lets see what new and interesting pendants these and more rappers will come up with in 2017.

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Recently, Diamonds By Zeus has launched an array of beautiful items of silver jewellery titled -THE SILVER COLLECTION-.

The range includes a multitude of silver and jewel encrusted rings, currently for women.

Although Diamonds By Zeus specialises in precious metals and diamonds, they plan to expand on THE SILVER COLLECTION with a greater variety of jewellery, including pendants,bracelets,earrings and mens items also.

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