The Legendary Roc-A-Fella Chain

The one pendant that gave me the inspiration to get into the jewellery business was the Roc-A-Fella records pendant.

It wasn’t the best pendant in the world, but it had some what of a classiness to it compared to the massive chains rappers wore and still ware in this era.

Not only was the pendant great to look at, but the label and artists that the chain was attached to were also extremely influential to me, such as Jay z, Kanye West, Dame Dash and much more.

Recently the Roc chain has made a come back, being gifted to artists and sportsmen by jay z himself, and frankly I’m happy it has.

Most recent, Dj Khaled was gifted with the last ORIGINAL Roc chain. Jay z gave him the chain after he signed a management deal with him.


I remember the time Dame Dash walked into a new york jewellery store and saw a Roc chain and went crazy, because he didn’t commission the chains to be sold, here is the video below

enjoy the greatness of the Roc-A-Fella records pendant.



The Love & Money Pendant

The Love & Money pendant was designed & made by Diamonds By Zeus.

This solid gold & diamond pendant is definitely an eye catcher, subtle yet flash.

The pendant design is a mixture of the British pound symbol attached to a heart, symbolising the link between the two (Love & money).

We attest that this is the perfect gift for both male and females, to be worn on a small chain on a day to day basis.

The Love & Money pendant retails for £300


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The Renaissance Cross

This is the post excerpt.

The Renaissance Cross was designed and created by Diamonds By Zeus, it is 1 of a select few that will be released from the renaissance collection.

Made of solid gold & embellished with diamonds, this item is one that can be worn at every occasion.

Due to its tasteful size, the renaissance cross is a beautiful piece of jewellery one does not have to take off, & is the ideal gift for family & friends, be it as a gift to them personally, or perhaps a christening gift for a new born.

This beauty comes in yellow gold, rose gold & white gold, and retails at £500

Keep an eye out for the many variations of the renaissance cross yet to be released.


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