SKENG & His ” NOT FOR SALE” Pendant

There is an abundance of jewellery in the UK music industry right now from rappers and grime artists, so it was only right we caught up with “Skeng” about his jewellery game, and to find out the reason so many have urged us to do an article on his “NOT FOR SALE” pendant. Here’s what he had to say.


1. What does jewellery represent for you.?

Everyone gets there hood, nickname or wateva on there jewels, , My pendant represents ME & My fourth coming project #NOT4SALE

2. What is your favourite item of jewellery you own & why.?

I would say my pendant! lol yh i grinded hard for that 💯 and i was adamant that i was gonna get PROPER VS1 DIAMONDS so it does cost ALOT!!! BUT i’d probably say my ring still.


3. When did you first find a love for jewellery.?

I’ve always liked jewels i’ve had jewels from a youte. Since i was 15-16 I used to go gold for gold with lil robbery money, had a rolex when i was 18 and NO ONE had 1 them times LOL. Loved Jewellery from young

4. Are you content with what you have or will you always want more.?

Who is really content with what they have??? WE ALL WANT MORE!

5. Which of your pieces represent you most and why.?

My pendant – Put alot of time and dedication into the project! Its my brand and what i’m pushing, #NOT4SALE coming soon lol


6. Who do you feel has the best pendant in the game right now, both UK and US.?

I don’t really know! A pendant can decive you, In order to know whats what i gotta see it in person tbh. They all look nice lol

7. Break down your favourite item of jewellery you own, what gold, how many carats of diamonds etc.?

My pendant and chain are both 18k yellow gold, Un-detachable. The diamonds in the pendant are 12 Carats VS1’s, total weight is 200 grams


8. In the uk music industry there has been a rise in jewellery, why do you think that is?

Has there?? theres alot of fraud f**k shit going on in the industry theres couple people that do it right i say if you cant afford it dont fake it stay in your lane

9. What inspired you to be so fly and flamboyant with your style, clothes and jewels.?

LOOOOOOOOOL thats a funny question am i fly yh? lol na no1 really inspired me i just try stay in my lane still

10. Do you have any regrets, Any items you bought that you don’t really like?

Not really I LIKE THEM ALL i designed all my jewels.

Diamonds By Zeus would like to conclude this interview by saying we wish you all the best with the NOT FOR SALE project, and hope that you continue to inspire others to purchase higher quality jewellery such as yours, with great carat weight, individual diamond size and quality craftsmanship. We see a lot of rappers with pendants and rings, and they all shine, but most have diamond clusters, or pointers, so when you see a pendant like this with a much bigger set of diamonds, you can really appreciate the work gone into it.



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